Walking Clubs in Ireland

Are you looking for a Walking Club in Ireland? Just Us has walking groups nationwide. To inquire about a local walking group, contact us today.

Walking Clubs in Ireland

Just Us offers clients all over Ireland a range of walking clubs. For information on your local walking club, please contact us today.
Our woman's walking clubs are designed to suit women of all ages and of all fitness levels. Our groups put as much emphasis on the social aspect of the club as the fitness component. Just Us believes that the mental benefits of a fun and socially active walking club, perfectly complement physical exercise.
Our nationwide walking clubs are built on our core philosophy of fun, inclusivity and wellness. Women of all ages and backgrounds are more than welcome to join our clubs.
We understand how intimating it can be to join a group. Therefore we make an extra effort to make sure our new members feel welcome and included.

Interested in joining our walking club, or are you interested in starting your own? Then please get in contact with Just Us today.

What to expect at our Walking Clubs

 A Great Atmosphere
Our walking clubs are lively, fun and inclusive. We always welcome new members and make every effort to help new walkers feel part of the club.

Walks suitable for all Fitness Levels
All our walks are carefully designed for all fitness levels. So whether you're an active walker or someone new to the process, our walks are challenging but never too hard.

Regularly Walks
We understand consistency is key in getting the most from the physical and mental benefits of walking. Therefore we regularly organise walks. Once you join a group, you'll have access to our busy schedule, allowing you to join the walk that fits your lifestyle.

For the latest in information on our walking clubs, please sign-up for our walking club newsletter.

Walking Clubs in Ireland FAQ